Kelly Book on The Year in Pictures!

Gallerist James Danziger wrote a great review of the Kelly book on his blog as one of his 10 favorite things in 2008. Please take a look.

The Kelly Book, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of the Kelly book is back from the printer! Just a little bit bigger than the first edition and in a limited run of 150. Signed and numbered, copies are $30 a piece. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing one.

Portrait of C.J. Johnson

Film maker and friend

Miami & Art Basel

Halloween with the kids

the city is theirs

Eyes right here

outtake for editorial shoot, Krista Kills it

Exhibition at Center for Photography Woodstock

Converging Margins at CPW curated by Leah Oates, Is a great collection of work by photographers who make pictures on the margins of Society. I showed some work from my ever building series on graffiti writers:

Read a review.

The Twins

Double trouble


was amazing

Tranny Park

Was life changing.

High Line Adventures

Manhattan's High Line once served as freight tracks for NYC's booming west side factories. Now being turned into a park, the high school kids I've been shooting for 3 years took me for one last look at this former urban playground. We got chased out twice but still managed to check it out.


Still from my first film

An out take from a short film called "Marla" (written and directed by C.J. Johnson) that I illustrated with photographs in Houston, TX this weekend.

Leaving for College

Joe & Amelia the weekend before Amelia left for college. Joe is a senior this year.

Lauren & Sorin the day before Lauren left for college. Sorin is also a senior this year.

Lauren and Sorin broke up two weeks ago

Casting for Inked Magazine

castings are awesome, especially for Inked

Nyle & Famlily

Nyle left for her first day at College the next morning

Sean's Bday

Sky Scapes

I love to fly

LRG Party Polaroids

see more here

and a big thanks to Mr. Kareem Black for thinking of me.