Harlem High School House Party

I can't remember a time I felt more alive. Ages 12-17 packed an empty Harlem brownstone. Dad said no drinks aloud, the kids rocked out, one passed out, the Cops showed up, and then we hit the subway. Amazing!

Colossal Media book


Alison Kills

Lights Camera Action

Peter the Bowling Alley Bartender

Melody Lanes!!! Sunset Park Brooklyn.

Jonah Hill is Cool


Michael Pitt

He doesn't care. It's great.

Rime + Ralphie

man's best friend. NJ 2004 for Graphotism Magazine

Cops and Robbers

It was a weird day

Maclean Jackson

Keeping it real in the field. Philly 2006

LA Street Texture

Spring 04?

Viva Lo Mongo

DVD Cover

Outside Inside : Euro Street Art dvd

Tiny Masters of Today

Rock n Roll is so exhausting


NJ Adventures

it turned out to be a crazy day

Tunnel Kids

Late Winter 08

Queen Andrea

Funky Fresh Florescent Flava

Mix Tape Godfather

Phil from the Harlem Music Hut. 2005?

New Years Day

Rainy Morning

Haze's Car

Recently totaled, the memories live on.


small project from 2006
Going Up . . .